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Metal Fuel Batteries

    Newly-developed air electrode is a porous metal, produced from catalytic after procedures of soakage, slurry, starching, drying, rolling depression, piece-cutting. Air electrode produced in this way has good uniformity, stable structure, and excellent performance.

1.Zinc-air Fuel Battery

    This kind of battery uses oxygen adhered by activated carbon as anodal active material, zinc as cathodal active material, and alkaline solution as electrolyte. It has high specific energy, and is safe, resource-saving, environment-friendly, and low in cost.

The principal of reaction

Anode:Zn + 2OH- → ZnO + H2O + 2e-
Cathode:O2 + 2H2O + 4e- → 4OH-
Overall reaction::2Zn + O2→ 2ZnO
Open circuit voltage:1.6±0.5V;  
Working voltage:1.0~1.2V;
Monosome capacity:≥100AH;    
Working current:0~15A;
Specific energy:≥300wh/Kg;    
Specific power:≥100w/Kg;


power supply, navigation mark lights, guiding lights, mobile power.

2.Zinc-air Secondary Battery

    Zinc-air secondary battery is an improved version of zinc-air battery and can be used for many times when charged. It has the same discharge principle as zin-air primary battery. As techniques like built-in structure of air electrode, antioxidant anodal active material, solid electrolyte, and filtrating equipment which helps to illuminate carbonation are adopted, this kind of battery has a 300-time cycle life.

Schematic Diagram of Zinc-air Secondary Battery

Open circuit voltage:1.4±0.5V;  
Rated voltage:1.2V/monosome;
Monosome capacity:20~100AH;  
Working current:0~15A;
Specific energy:100wh/Kg;    
Cycle life80% DOD:300 cycles。

3.Aluminum-air Battery

    Aluminum-air battery uses oxygen adhered on activated carbon as anodal active material, highly-purified aluminum(>99.99%) as cathodal active material, and caustic potash or caustic soda as electrolyte. It has the highest specific energy in all industrialized batteries, which can be as high as 3000wh/kg. In general industrial application, aluminum-air battery group’s specific energy is about 1000wh/kg.

Principle of the Battery

Cathode:02+2H20 +4e-→40H-
Overall reaction:2A1+3/2O2+20H-→+3H20→2 AI(OH)4-
Open circuit voltage:>1.8V;        
Working voltage:1.2-1.5V;
Specific energy:≥ 1000wh/Kg;  
Specific power:≥150w/Kg;


as power supply, high energy batteries on electrical buses, electrical trucks; can work for more than 3 days at a time.