1、Introduction of Product:

    This technique was founded by Mr. Wu Shousong, a battery authority and professor senior engineer. One of his students inherited his knowledge and skill, established his own company and developed some new products which are now applied to the fields like electric vehicle, railway, electric power, communication, UPS, photovaltaic storage. Up to now, the products have got appliance of 15 years and favorable opinions of about 100 companies. 

     Concentrated thixotropic gel is a suspending dispersion like emulsion which is composed of silicon dioxide particles of 5 to 20 nanometers wide, and activated and sheared in special equipment.
The chemical diagram:

2、Techinical Parameter

Item Industry Requirement Technical Requirement
Density (25℃) (g/cm3) 1.04~1.20 1.08~1.20
Percentage of Nonvolatile Solid (%) ≥ 10.0% ≥ 15.0%
Percentage of Iron (Fe) (%) ≤0.0050% ≤0.0030%
Percentage of Chlorine (%) ≤0.0050% ≤0.0020%
Percentage of Silica (SiO2) (%) 10~30% 12~15 %
Diameter of Particle (nm) —— 15
Specific Area (m2/g) —— 200



1) The product can prohibit active materials at anode from softening and falling off, and prevent active materials at cathode from sulfation, and can double cycle life, compared with common AGM battery. The gel battery can also endure different environment. 

2) In formation of lead-acid battery, a lot of lead particles will filter inito electrolyte and separator and cause small short-circuit. The gel can help can adhere the suspending lead particles and also fill the holes in AGM spearator, therefor avoid short-circuit to a great degree.

3) The electrolyte is in gel phase, doesn’t flow freely. There is no acid leakage and acid mist. And the battery can be placed horizontally.

4) The gel battery is also valve-regulated. The oxygen produced at anode during charge can travel to the cathode easily through the cracks among gel.

5) Water in gel electrolyte is covered by colloidal particles, so that water volatilization decreases by half. 

6) As gel electrolyte can be filled in the space around and over pole groups, the gel battery is able to carry 10 percent electrolyte more than common batteries. Consequently, gel battery has a larger thermal capacity, and avoids the “Islanding Effect”. The heat can be carried outward through battery case, so the temperature increases a little when the battery is charged or discharged and the thermal runaway is greatly restricted. Battery has a longer life even in hot surroundings. 

7) Electrolyte layering is still a big problem to large or top batteries’ maintenance. Electrolyte layering reduces the capacity of battery and cuts down its life span. This phenomenon caused by gravity is eliminated in gel batteries.

8) Nanoparticles in gel can fill the cracks of separator, helps the separator avoid short circuit caused by dendrite and makes the paths for gas between anode and cathode even and narrow. Narrow paths for gas slow down the compound of gas. Therefore, the voltage of gel battery during floating charge is only half of the voltage of common AGM battery, which inhibits grid corrosion and strengthens adherence of grid and active materials. 

9) The charging receptivity and discharge at low temperature are greatly improved.



    The concentrated thixotropic gel can be applied in all lead-acid batteries for electric vehicle, railway, electric power, communication, photovoltaic storage. It has achieved good results in recent 12years.