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1、Introduction of the product:

    The gel plate, a new kind of separator for lead-acid storage batteries, is imported from America. It uses nanometer-grade silicon dioxide as its main material, and has outstanding ability of liquid-absorption and low resistivity. The porosity is over 90 percent; the hole diameter is smaller than 10um. When electrolyte is added, water molecules are adhered on hydroxyls of carbon dioxide, which makes electrolyte fill the pores of separator completely. In this way, our product can maintain the inner structure of separator, therefore ensure the porosity of separator and the move of ions. The product integrates advantages of AGM separator and gel electrolyte and avoids their shortcomings. It has good performance in preventing the formation of dendrite during charge, protecting separator from puncture, and therefore lengthens the life of battery.





1) Our gel plate prohibits the formation of dendrite when lead-acid battery is charged, and protects the separator from puncture.

2) The product maintains even holes and similiar thickness, and active materials of anode and cathode are adhered closely with separators, so that  the battery is not easy to have short-circuit caused by loosing of the inner structure.

3) Gel plate absorbs a large quantity of electrolyte and expands, which makes active materials of anode and cathode adhere the separator closely and improves the capacity and life span of battery.

4) The product integrates advantages of AGM separator and gel electrolyte and is very prospective to replace the traditional separator and regular gel.



    The gel plate can be applied to manyfields in which lead-acid battery has been used, such as the small sealed lead-acid battery and fixed VRLA for electric motorcycle, and starting lead-acid battery for motor vehicles.