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Our Spirit: attract excellent people, form excellent team
                   adopt special concept, develop special products
                   use scientific power, create scientific wonder
Our Mission: develop new battery, exploit new green energy, benefit the company, the staff, the customer
                        and the society..
Our Vision: root in Changzhou, cover the nation, and affect the whole world; change human being’s life by
                     using Young_tech’s intelligence.
Enterprise Values: fill the gap in new energy field, look for profit growth, develop high-tech products, create
                                  high added value, run after high profit.
Management Policy: market demand is our guidance; management is the core and the maximum profit is
                                     our goal.
R&D Concept: market-oriented; brave to exploit and innovate; do things better.
Production Concept: be safe, efficient, high-quality, professional, concentrated, devoted.
Quality Concept: precise and accurate; criterion above everything.
Marketing Concept: users first, service-oriented.
Management Concept: people-oriented;give full play to team spirit, and enhance the team’s cohesive force;
                                          there is no perfect individual, but a perfect team.
Talent Concept: talented people is a company’s backbone; cherish their virtues, discover their capability,
                             and take full use of their advantages.